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Hays is one of very few to offer multiple disciplines!

One thing our club is able to offer to Hays members is an opportunity to try multiple forms of Shooting Sports.


Through the efforts of volunteers and parents, we have leaders and coaches able to provide guidance and their expertise to our rising stars in the Shooting Sports arena.

This allows families new to the sports to discover what one member's passions may lead them to! Some of our members are often excelling and loving one form over the one they originally joined to participate in. 

For example, our current 2nd Vice President, Alyssa originally joined our club with the intent of pistol only...but she's the one consistently leading the scoreboard at local shotgun competitions! She did not plan for shotgun, but shotgun found her!

Finding their level of commitment to their 'passion' is an important piece for any family to consider before any investment into a firearm.  Our club has the equipment to allow families and shooters to discover the love of the sport before such investment decisions are necessary.


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